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January, 1st 2014
Happy New Year 2014…


I hope this finds all of you in a warm, healthy and content place and you welcomed your New Year with your loved ones and friends.

The old year 2013 has been a tough one for many of us and we often have had to start class with deep breaths to let go of the pain and tears that were accompanying our lives…but we have bonded over the fact that we all are in the same boat and share our energy with each other as we drew from the strong ones among us, who were balanced and gounded in these moments. I am proud to say that we enjoy a very special, safe and authentic atmosphere in our studio, where we can take off our mask during practice and wholeheartedly be ourselves without someone judging us…that is always amazing for me to experience new in every class.

So before we depart completely from the old year, I would like to take the opportunity to share my gratitude for the many good things that have happened in our studio in 2013.

We moved into a wonderful location in Eagle’s Landing across from the hospital with much more exposure and better accessibility into a gorgeous room with special energy, that has already inspired many wonderful classes so far.

We welcomed many, many new Yoginis and TRX participants, who all were curious to see, what we offer and many of you became a regular part of our growing health and fitness community. Good for you:)

We also expanded our classes with beautiful events and workshops, like our “Yoga Philosophy & Lifestyle Series” as well as our winter highlight “Winter Solstice Yoga with live Harp Music”….

With joy and deep gratitude, we have expanded our SSY TEAM and I feel extremely blessed to have found several people around me, who help care for all Yoginis and TRX fitness enthusiasts, take care of a lot of administrative and daily studio related tasks, as well as our IT needs to get us out into the world through the “world wide web” (does anybody still use this expression – coming from a European:)
So from my heart THANK YOU Susan, Lara, Gregory and Cisilia for being the SSY TEAM which has already made us stronger, more efficient & organized and creative:) I am delighted to have you all and am looking for a AMAZING New Year TOGETHER!!!

Not to forget the many, many Yoginis who have been “backbone of SSY” supporting me and the studio from our first beginnings in the back of Arts Clayton or ever since our paths have crossed throughout the past few years. I am thrilled that so many of you are passionate about our studio and what we are creating here on the south side. Looking back with joy to where we came from, haven’t we come a long way? THANK YOU from my heart, I could not do this without you!!!

So here is to a new beginning with amazing things that are in store this year at SSY…here a sneek peek :

…our first Teacher Training and Yoga Immersion 2014 starting Janury 10th

…”SSY KIDS and TEENS” coming February 2014

...online yoga classes for SSY premium members

TRX athletic performance workshop and pre-season workout

…special workshops and events (e.g. healthy yogic lifestyle, chakras, yoga with live music, tips for your home yoga practice and many, many more)

Cheers, to hope and light in all of our lives, health and awareness, balance and serenity, and most of all LOVE all around us, to overcome all obstacles…

I will see you in class today…New Years Yoga @ 4pm to welcome our New Year with energy, grace and inspiration by setting our intention to flow in love and light…

With deep joy and excitement for all of us,

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…good karma…

Join us this Year for a practice that will create lasting changes and a healthy lifestyle!

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