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September 2nd, 2013
Happy Labor Day!

I hope you are enjoying your extended Holiday weekend and spending a little time contemplating the reason for the celebration of this special day…September is here and normally we are expecting a beautiful transition season with natures changes in light, color, strength of the sun, etc. This is a wonderful time to start or reconnect with a committed yoga practice and bask in the more soothing, calming and relaxing energy of the beginning fall.Get out early in the morning, listen to natures sounds, and enjoy a few minutes of pranayama (controlled and mindful breathing) in the crisp air. Works wonders to set a special balanced tone for the rest of your day…

Following are our announcements for September with our new schedule and special events.

I will see you soon in class…

With deep breaths and a happy smile,


New Schedule from 9/3 on

From Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013 we will have a slightly revised schedule, which you can find online on our live schedule page.

Main changes concern our night classes, which now uniformly start every night Monday through Thursday at 5:30pm AND 7pm.

Please note that following changes have been implemented:

  • former “Ball & Core Yoga” moved from Tuesdays 4:30p to 5:30p. Main focus will be the development of core strength (not only abdominal section, but the entire torso) to support our yoga postures from “inside out”, balance postural misalignment in the core, that is responsible for 90% of all of our aches and pain around the back, neck and hip area. The Swiss Ball will be used to develop balance, coordination and strength endurance as one of the main contributors for a safe and injury free yoga practice.
  • Tuesdays 7pm NEW Gentle / Restorative Yoga (moved from Wednesdays to Tuesdays 7p). This is the perfect class for Beginners as well as experienced Yoginis, who are looking for
  1. de-stressing the busyness of our lives
  2. releasing physical and mental tension through deep breathing and gentle movements using yoga props to support and relax in a holistic way
  3. meditative practice learning to “stay calm” in the midst of chaos
  4. gently moving through injuries and physical limitations
  5. excellent class for beginners, practicing with injuries & limitations, perfect balance for the more physically challenging yoga classes
  • TRX Circuit NOW Wednesdays 7p (moved from Thursdays 7p). Special TRX Suspension Training class, one of the most innovative and effective strength and conditioning training in the modern fitness industry. Develop the body you always wanted, with a dedicated strength endurance training, complementing all your athletic activities (including yoga), toning your entire muscles structure for a more lean, long and toned physical appearance. Highly effective in small groups (max 10 participants) with qualified instruction.
  • Thursdays 5:30p Open Flow / Vinyasa For everybody who has build up a consistent yoga practice and wants to go beyond the basics. A fun and joyful class to practice the yoga postures in a fluid flow of movement linked with breath (physically more challenging). Basic experience of yoga required, as there will be less teaching and more practicing in this class. Excellent yoga practice class for all my Yoginis who have been with me for more than 3months of regular yoga classes!!
  • Thursdays 7pm NEW YIN Yoga. Deep stretches for several minutes of holding the yoga poses. Best class to improve range of motion, release tension in the physical body and learn to open up “from the inside out”. Yin Yoga classes have been proven as the method of choice to teach our nervous system to let go of the tension, counteract stiffness, loss of mobility and enhanced wellbeing for activities of daily live and find peacefulness on a more mental and emotional level. Perfect complimentary class to Thursdays 5:30p more vigorous Vinyasa Flow class!

In our next newsletter I will explain a little more in detail the main categories of modern yoga classes to understand the different benefits that different yoga styles can give us.

SSY now accepting credit cards

SSY is now accepting online payments for our classes through You will be able to pay online for class cards and events with your preferred credit card. Furthermore we now offer credit card payments in our studio as well. Please note that there will be a 3% convenience charge added to the total amount for using this service.

Upcoming events
Special events September 2013

Yoga Philosophy and Lifestyle Series
starting Sept 14th @ 12p
(a wonderful preparation series for anyone interested in our Teacher Training and Yoga Immersion)
5 week teaching and discussion series about yoga lifestyle in our modern world and how to let the lessons “on the mat” enhance our lives “off the mat”
2. orientation meeting and presentation of
upcoming Yoga Teacher Training and Immersion 2014
Saturday, September 21st @ 12p

please keep checking our
next newsletter on Wednesday for more info

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