No matter who you are, in what shape you are in or what you are training for, TRX® Suspension Training bodyweight exercises will help you reach your goals.

With more than 300+ exercises that build power, flexibility, core strength, stability and muscular endurance, TRX Suspension Training has revolutionized the way we train our bodies. “It’s all core all the time”.

What is TRX?

TRX the workout Level 1 with Emme
Mondays 7-8pm
Cost $27

Our beloved strength conditioning training including following benefits:

  • Core strength and strength endurance
  • Learning correct alignment and proper form for highly effective exercises like plank, lunges, squats, push and pull ups, etc.
  • Stability exercises to improve energy and well-being through a strong and healthy body
  • Developing long lean muscles to support your body into a healthier posture
  • Helping to correct physical misalignment that leads to back and joint pain, etc.
  • Perfect complementary practices to your athletic activities (running, biking, tennis, golf, etc.) or to your yoga practice
  • Introducing stretching and muscle recovery techniques like foam rolling

This class is a level 1 class and invites everybody who wants to make a commitment to a stronger self in the new year. A strong body is a great foundation for a strong mind and a strong heart…

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REGISTRATION DETAILS for all class series:

  • Class series are limited and can be registered only as the entire series. There are no drop-ins.
  • Registration and payment for any of the class series has to be completed before the first class of the chosen series. Your spot will only be secured through payment of the entire series.
  • The first 5 students who register and pay for any of the class series above will receive a semi-private class with Emme.

We want you to commit yourself with dedication and joy. More class offerings will be added over the course of the next weeks and months. Please stay patient as we develop our way into this new system through finding the right offerings for everyone and adding classes after our current offerings are filled.