Personal Training

The Emme FactorThe Emme Factor proudly presents all of Emme’s private offerings


Individual classes are a marvelous opportunity to move deeper into your yoga practice, as one-on-one sessions can enable you to get answers to specific questions about alignment, receive personalized help with particularly challenging postures. Unlike a class, in which all of the students are at different levels of proficiency, a private yoga session will unfold at your pace and according to your ability and desires, guidance with and more.

For students who have never attended a class, feel that they aren’t flexible enough or who are hesitant for any reason private instruction offers a non-threatening and supportive environment in which to begin. For more experienced yoga students, just a handful of private sessions can assist in deepening an already established studio practice. And for others with demanding schedules, specific physical needs or simply the hunger to explore further, ongoing weekly private yoga instruction is ideal.

Private yoga instruction is ideal for injury rehabilitation, athletes, flexibility, re-introduction to yoga after a long absence, and for scheduling flexibility that private yoga classes can provide.

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