“I know I’m still somewhat a newbie at South Side Yoga, although six months into attending classes pretty regularly I already have learned that yoga is a very personal commitment that benefits my mind, soul and body all at the same time through physical and mental efforts. The biggest advance for me is my new awareness that the physical, spiritual and mental parts of me can actually work together simultaneously. My experience with all the teachers at SSY is nothing but joyous. Their encouragement in each phase of my yoga journey (posture focus, TRX, relaxation, meditation) helps perpetuate my desire to be okay with where I am today while still wanting more, so much so that I call SSY Studio “my happy place.” I’ve been to several gyms in my lifetime, paid handsomely for some magical results; however, never have I felt the benefits of my efforts as quickly or as well as I feel them at SSY. So I would offer to anyone who has ever expressed an interest in “getting better” or who just want to learn something new, TRY YOGA or TRX TRAINING — especially at South Side Yoga Studio in Stockbridge. ”

Peggy, Stockbridge

“I just wanted to thank you for the newsletters you sent – I read every word, and it is a great way to start my day! Your positive words and optimism come through in email just as beautifully as they do in person. I appreciate all the changes you are making to accommodate all your customers; the yoga experience you provide is truly transformative!

On that note, I just want to thank you, too, for instilling a love of yoga in me. I came for the first in March with a friend, and I have fallen in love with yoga. As Gwynn said on Sunday in Surprise Yoga, “Yoga gives us so much – we should be grateful for it.” I truly am grateful for yoga! I have set up a beautiful ‘yoga space’ at home, and it inspires me and motivates me and calms me and makes me so happy every time I see it and does even more when I sit in front of it and practice. Yoga is a part of my day every day, and it is having such a positive effect on my life. I have you to thank for that!

Just want you to know Emme, that you and your work are both appreciated. I sing the praises of you and yoga wherever I go!”

Kelly, Locust Grove

” I have been coming to South Side Yoga for several months now. I was hesitant at first to get involved in a classroom situation and explored a lot of DVD instruction. I soon discovered there is more to yoga than stretching and flexibility. I researched the few studios in my area and decided to take my first class, driving from Griffin solo 🙂 The studio and students were so welcoming. The instructors are very knowledgeable. It was a very positive experience from the start.
As I began attending classes regularly, and my husband came home from overseas, I wanted to find some sort of fitness program we could do together. I’m not a big fan of weightlifting, and he was familiar with the TRX concept from his gym on base. We both have learned so much from Emme in these classes and have experienced a definite full body toning in a very short time. We love it! Excellent results without working one muscle group one day and another the next-it all gets done in a single TRX session!
The knowledge and expertise of yoga and physiology is evident here. This is not a superficial studio or franchise…it’s the real deal!”

Lisa, Griffin

“I have been practicing yoga for about 10 years though regularly, for the last five. I was, like many, originally drawn to the practice of yoga for the many physical benefits. I have been a recreational runner for my entire adult life and, in a desire to have a balanced fitness and health program, after 7 years in ballet, I turned to yoga. I was truly inspired by Emme, whom I first experienced in class at Gold’s Gym years ago. Unlike other yoga teachers that instructed me, Emme had a true working knowledge of anatomy in motion and applied it to her yoga practice and I was hooked. Yoga was the missing piece and my physical fitness found balance. But the big unexpected surprise was how yoga fed my mind and spirit. I could move in grace, find focus and calm in physical challenge, and find peace within. I work in a stressful profession that I love but can be emotionally draining and like everyone, life and loss can push us to our breaking point. All I knew is if I could get to yoga class with my empty cup, yoga filled it. What a gift! And, in my mind, who wouldn’t want to aspire to share that gift and give it to those we love as well as those who need it? To her credit, Emme undertook the incredible challenge of creating an internationally recognized Yoga Alliance accredited school to train yoga instructors and I am proud to say I am one among six yoga teachers of her first graduating class and am now a RYT 200 instructor teaching at South Side Yoga myself. With all my heart, I want to continue to learn and do my best to share the gift of yoga. I feel fortunate to have this opportunity at South Side Yoga continuing to learn with Emme!

Gwyn, McDonough

“South Side Yoga is Awesome! Is hard for me to put into words how comfortable and welcomed I felt on my first day as a Newbie six months ago. All of my fellow Yogi’s and Yogini’s were smiling, friendly and helpful. I had practiced Yoga before SSY by taking once weekly free classes through our health care provider. That was a good start and introduction but I had plateaued doing the same routines weekly with no improvement. Since joining SSY I have learned a new asana at every visit without fail. Emme is very helpful in sharing her vast knowledge and experience for all yoga positions so that everyone understands and receives maximum benefit from each position. Speaking of benefits, there are so many; Flexibility, Balance, Posture, Physical Awareness, Strength, Decreased Stress/Fatigue and Increased Circulation just to name a few. I look forward to every visit and hope to see you there soon.

Steve, Stockbridge

“I walked into Emme’s studio in March, 2013 for what I thought would be a 3 visit trial of Yoga that would probably bore me to tears…but it was something to get me moving after a year of health problems, including shoulder and back pain, so I could get ready to go back to my gym days of weight training and endless hours on the treadmill.

Well, three months later, I am in the studio for Yoga almost every time the door is open and three times a week for TRX Suspension training as well. I have not seen my chiropractor since I started, my shoulder has been completely rehabilitated, and my posture is dramatically improved (which comes from Emme and her instructors coaching to “tighten your behind, hollow your belly, get your shoulders away from your ears and lift your sternum” always in my ears). I am stronger with more flexibility than I ever attained during all my years of gym training – and did I mention that I just had one of those milestone “60 is the new 40” birthdays?

My practice with Emme and her instructing team and my new group of friends, “Yoginis”, who are old, young, female, and male has convinced me that this is the lifestyle program I have been searching for. The beauty of spirit and the atmosphere of sharing, with no judgements of ability, have made it possible for me to move into poses which require strength of body and mind that I never thought I possessed. The combination of Yoga and TRX is the perfect duo for me and I can honestly say this is the first time that I have looked forward to sweating and being exhausted from training – you do not know the meaning of hard work until you have gone to Power Flow Yoga followed by TRX Circuit training!

I hope these words will inspire you, no matter who you are or what level of ability you THINK you have, to come in and give Yoga and TRX at South Side Yoga a try – it will be one of the best decisions you ever make for yourself.”

Tamara, McDonough

“I have been with Emme at South Side Yoga Studio for three years now. I always thought yoga might be interesting but had never done it until I tried a few classes at the local gym and ended up with an injured hamstring. Then I tried Emme’s classes. What a difference! She guides you from beginning yoga on to the more advanced asanas (postures) with patience and enthusiasm that inspires you to do your personal best. She stresses safety above all and constantly reminds us that “it’s not a competition – to work within our abilities where we are today.” She constantly watches during our practice and gently corrects our postures and alignment. I simply cannot imagine a better yoga instructor. She has a phenomenal knowledge of the human body. When she added the TRX classes a few months back that was the icing on the cake. I have gained strength from the TRX to compliment the yoga. I’ll soon be 70 and feel strong and healthy. I plan to be a Yogini the rest of my life!!!”

Donna, McDonough

“Two years ago I had a total knee replacement. For an active person like myself, this was devastating. Then 6 months later I was told that my other knee had a torn meniscus, arthritis, and bone on bone. I was told that I would need another knee replacement. I was also told to curtail most activities, such as tennis and skiing – my two favorite sports. At 58 I wasn’t ready to sit on the front porch and knit the rest of my life. I was so down about this news.

Emme urged me to come back to Yoga. After a few private sessions, she had me ready for classes. After a few months of faithfully coming to her classes, I could play tennis again. I give her total credit for this development. My doctor changed his mind and told me if I kept up with Yoga, I could keep playing tennis.

Last month I tried TRX and loved it. I have attended 5 classes and can already see changes in my body. Emme works closely with my limitations and is always encouraging. I have been attending her classes regularly for 14 months. I have never stuck to an exercise regiment that long before. I find myself looking forward to the classes and Emme’s passion for it. I so agree with her philosophy of truly understanding how to exercise and reach our goals. She is so knowledgeable about the human anatomy and keeps telling us how to do the exercises so as not to injure ourselves.

I feel blessed to have such an incredible instructor so close by. And I will forever be grateful for the life she gave back to me.”

Diane, Stockbridge

“It is hard to believe that a year has passed since I began taking private yoga classes with Emme, what a difference a year can make. I came to Emme, searching for relief with chronic back problems. After seeing several doctors and having epidurals (that didn’t relieve my pain) , it was recommended by a neurosurgeon to find a yoga instructor to work on improving my core strength. My first thoughts were “I will have to drive to Atlanta to find a yoga studio”, well thankfully that was not the case! At this point the pain was pretty severe and causing my normal everyday activities to be affected. Within a week of the doctor recommending to me to start yoga, I was told about South Side Yoga by my hairdresser Tracy. She informed me that Emme had recently moved her studio to the Eagles Landing area. Being a person of faith, I absolutely knew and had such hope that this could help me. I am thrilled to say that one year into it, my pain has much improved, and who would have thought that I would be able to begin TRX. I had my first TRX class today, it was awesome!! Emme has such a knowledge of the human body and what works and doesn’t work, so much of what we did in the beginning was restorative yoga. I am now able to make it through a class with intermediate and some advanced poses, pain free! From the beginning, she asked me to trust her and for me to be patient, our goal was for me to be pain free. I am so thankful and proud to practice at South Side Yoga. It has changed my life and I will forever practice yoga!”

Dana, Stockbridge

“As a new student to yoga, I am so very pleased with the immediate results that I have noticed. Although I have been attending Emme’s yoga classes for only a month, I have already noticed a new found level of reduced stress and more relaxation. Most importantly, I am sleeping better than I have in months. As someone with a very stressful job, I started attending yoga classes with an expectation that yoga would be good for managing my stress level. I am thrilled to say that yoga has truly helped me better manage my stress and feel more relaxed, centered, and focused. The other benefit that I have also noticed is that the physical issues (e.g., headaches) that often accompany stress are no longer plaguing me.

Emme Evans is an excellent teacher and someone who is genuinely concerned about each of her students well-being. After researching several yoga instructors and locations in metropolitan Atlanta, I am confident that I made the best choice for me. I look forward to yoga classes every day and am excited about this new journey of becoming more flexible, stronger, and healthier. As Emme always says, “we only get one body”. This has resonated with me and my focused goal is to now make sure that I take better care of myself. Yoga, and the meditation that is included in the classes, is the vehicle that is going to help me achieve my overall health and fitness goals. Thanks Emme for bringing the best in yoga to the south side!!”

Keith, McDonough

“I began taking Yoga with my wife a few months ago and have found it to be both challenging and well worth the time and commitment. I am 60 years old and have had a shoulder pain for many years. No medicine or general exercise has help to relieve the pain and discomfort that is until I began Yoga. After a few months of Yoga following the excellent instructions of Emme, my shoulder no longer hurts and as a side benefit no more headaches which now I can attribute to my shoulder problem. Taking Yoga has not only took care of my shoulder problem but it has increased my flexibility and inner core strength. This is important because I am a golfer and both flexibility and inner core strength is a must as a golfer. I feel stronger and am sleeping better than I have in years. Yoga is not something I feel I have to do but has become a way of life for me. I would encourage everyone both young and old to take up this life style.”

Russ, Stockbridge

“Emme has a gentle and determined spirit. She is gentle in her caring for others and determined that her students learn as much about yoga as their hearts and minds will allow. She has a wonderful variety of classes at times convenient for everyone; there is a class to fit anyone’s life style. I marvel at how she can gently correct our misalignment and show so much pride when we do well. I have been studying with Emme for over a year, and I am amazed at what I have accomplished in that time. As one of Emme’s oldest students, I never thought I could see so much improvement in my flexibility, posture, body alignment, breathing, and inner spirit. I have many of the usual problems of getting older, but Emme would never let me consider myself old; she has helped keep me young at heart, mind, and body. Emme is the best; she has truly earned the title “Teacher.”

Jan, Stockbridge

“My first lesson was with my daughter and we both really enjoyed the class. My daughter gave me a three months gift to continue yoga class. I started to enjoy every session and now I try to come three times a week. I know it is awesome. I have definitely noticed changes in my body. My body is more flexible and more relaxed. It is good meditation. I am learning proper yoga breathing. This is definitely a great workout and gives me more strength. South Side Yoga is a beautiful studio with a wonderful teacher Emme. I recommend taking any class with Emme, she is an incredible teacher.”

Kapila, Griffin