Common questions

Hello and Welcome to South Side Yoga!

We are excited that you found us and are interested in joining our health community on the South Side of Atlanta. The following information might help you to answer some of our most frequently asked questions:



  • “I have never been to a Yoga Studio. What shall I expect?”

If you are new to yoga and have never been to a yoga studio, you might be wondering what to expect. The best way to learn about what we offer, is to come and see for yourself! You are always welcome to just watch a class or participate in one of our classes. Our teachers will guide you safely in your beginning stages and help you modify postures to your individual level and abilities.

Before coming to your first class, please read HERE about our Studio Etiquette, which provides useful information. This will help prepare you and make you feel more comfortable because you know what to expect.


  • “I am a total beginner. Which classes shall I attend?”

If you are a beginner and have never attended a yoga class before, we have several classes that will fit your needs. You will find them on our CLASSES page and they are marked as “Recommended for Beginners”. The classes BASICS, STRETCH & BREATH, GENTLE & RESTORATIVE are all geared towards yoga newbies and offer a slightly different focus each. If you have done yoga, but either a long time ago or never on a consistent basis and want to restart your practice, you can additionally visit those classes that are marked as “Beginners welcome”. Here we welcome all newbies, but also students with a little more experience will be participating. The teachers will safely offer options for different levels.


  • “Do I need to call or email to reserve a place in the classes?”

NO, for a yoga class you do not need to reserve a place, our studio accommodates up to 25 people per class, so no need to call or email ahead.

YES, for a TRX class you need to call/text to our studio number (770) 853-2060 or email us to [email protected]. Space is limited to 10 participants per class to guarantee most effectiveness during training.


  • “How big are the classes?”

Our yoga classes are small in size <20 students. Our philosophy is to provide a safe and effective environment for our students to get the most personal attention by our teachers.

The TRX classes are limited to 10 participants and you need register all TRX classes.


  • “Where are you located? What about parking?”

We are located on Rock Quarry Road right across from the Henry Piedmont Hospital. There is a Deli called “Empson’s Deli”, which you can see from the main street. We are located right below Empson’s Deli on the lower level. There are ample parking spaces available right in front and around the studio at all times. We are enjoying the closeness to the highway and main connection roads as well as a serene atmosphere and the grounding energy that our beautiful studio offers us.